Construction pipelines

The basis of our operations in this area supported by the licences and certificates we possess – in particular the recognition of the fundamental technologies of welding and fusion welding of materials confirmed by ‘TUV’ and ‘The Office of Technical Inspection’. Currently, we are at the stage of receiving permission from ‘The Office of Technical Inspection’, thus enabling us to extend our work scope;the rights being acquired include additional material groups and other medium ranges and thickness of the applied material, shelves, platforms and supporting structures for pipelines
• prefabrication and installation of steel pipelines for technological, mains
and object purposes in the full range of diameters, thickness and material grades
• welding and pressure or electrical welding of pipes made of PE, PP, PVDF
having diameters of up to 500 mm

rurociagi_sub_1 Construction pipelines
rurociagi_sub_2 Construction pipelines

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