Construction of tanks

EURO-RAF Sp. z o. o. specialises in the construction of steel storage, pressure and nonpressurised
We construct a wide range of of tanks, including equipment, fittings and accessories:
• tanks of mono- or double
• jacket type equipped with single or double bottomedtanks
equipped with a fixed or floating roof
• round tanks, cylindrical (with main vertical axis) and spherical tanks.

During the realization process, we apply a high performance assembly and welding methods, using the two-sided automatic welding apparatuses to merge circuits and automatic welding machines for bottom and rising welding. In order to significantly reduce installation costs – in most cases – instead of utilising
scaffolding – we use special assembly platforms, which are easy to transport and [re]install.

We have experience of managing projects at every stage of their implementation i.e. during the analysis of the executive documentation, planning, optimisation assembly/installation activities and delivering them directly on site. The high quality of welded joints is achieved due to professional welding equipment and
highly qualified personnel.

zbiorniki_sub_3 Construction of tanks
zbiorniki_sub_2 Construction of tanks
zbiorniki_sub_1 Construction of tanks

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