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EURO RAF Sp. z o.o. was established on the basis of and originated from many years of professional experience of partners in the mechanical assembly, welding and construction field.

With its headquarters in Gorlice, it was registered as NAFTOBUD Sp. o. o. in 2008. Next, in August 2011 having extended it business profile with specialist building and construction works, the number of shareholders increased.

Still, the final change including the name of the company and its seat took place in 2012; starting from that time it existed as EURO RAF Sp. z o.o., Płock. The personal structure of the company was powered up with managerial and executive staff of CHEMSERV company, which till then had specialized in constructing storage tanks for liquid and gas fuels, operating at the territory of Western Europe, especially in
Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Owing to conducting an earlier analysis of the client’s needs we indicate the best solutions, minimizing the client’s costs. Competitiveness of our offer is based on market prices of services, high quality and timely delivery.

The basis of our work is welding and assembly as part of executing an investment, modernizing, overhauling and maintenance of the industrial facilities, pressure equipment, industrial piping, steel structures and tanks/containers for the refinery, chemical and energy industries. Our flagship is very good knowledge of the market, quality, and punctuality of the work performed. We employ young and well-educated technical staff i.e. marketing experts, technicians, welders, quality controllers and production workers boasting of their extensive background in renovation and modernization of industrial plants. See our offer below for more detail.

The History of EuroRaf.
Registered as a limited company in 2008 (as ‘Naftobud Ltd.’) in Gorlice, Poland, in 2011 the
company decided to expand its scope of activities into specialised construction and
maintenance projects. The change of name and location into ‘EuroRaf Limited, Płock’ took
place in 2012 and the number of shareholders also increased.
We tailor make all of our services to individual clients’ needs – always providing the best
solutions with cost effectiveness and timely delivery.

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